Nest of Her Own- Kim Kleinhardt

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Nest of Her Own
Mixed Media
24" x 24"

From the Artist:

This mixed media composition on canvas gives the viewer a unique
perspective of a swallow’s nest built on the beams of my old barn. Upon closer
look, words & images create a texture filled with memories & experiences of family, loss, and love. The Swallow’s symbolic return each Spring to rebuild her
nest gives us hope. We are reminded to treasure life changes and appreciate the
beauty of everyday things. Four generations of my family have watched the Barn
Swallows raise their young in our old barn. This connection with each other and
the birds are a priceless inheritance.

Swallow’s Nest

Hatch, my little ones from your eggs in the depths of my nest of horsehair and mud, safe in the old family barn.

Grow, my nestlings on our rafter strong, safe in the old family barn.

Cry for joy, my restless brood as I feed you bugs, safe in the nest on the rafter in the old family barn.

Become jeweled flyers in the open sky, out past the safety of our home.

Return as in generations past when the season is right to the rafter in the barn, building a nest of your own.

Poem by Cheyleen Davis – (sister of artist, Kim Kleinhardt)