Saffron Succession- Michelle Tock York

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Saffron Succession
Clay & found object assemblage on board with antique frame, metal and driftwood
32" x 18" x 4"

For this small exhibit, each artist was asked to create a written story behind the inspiration for their piece...

The Story:

For the Love of Detail - Mom
“Michelle! Hurry! Look at the color and the delicate lines in the flower, and oh that

Earthly Concerns - Dad
“Michelle, if every person in the world threw their gum wrapper on the ground, imagine what this field would look like.”

Clay and Patinaed Metal - Dad
Modeled clay and created found object assemblage sculptures using cast off treasures

Ingenuity - Mom
“Shelli, you’re a dreamer like your father, but let me tell you the story about the Crane.”

Cabbage Moth Goodbyes - Dad
I see you on the porch screen Dad…saying your goodbyes. You fought the good fight.
I’ll say hello when I see you flit against the saffron sky.

Working Hands – Mom and Dad
Mom tended the soil and gently, lovingly helped her seedlings grow. Her hands were
veiny and gnarled. Through them her story was told.

Dad’s hands were knobby and arthritic with missing fingertips. He was a maker, a
sculptor, an illustrator, a tender soul.

~ I love my hands. They are theirs, and theirs are mine…the succession