Planting for now & later- Shanny Brooke


Planting for now & later
Oil & Cold Wax on wood panel
24" x 34"

From the Artist:

This theme of "Our Inheritance" could have gone in so many different directions for me in terms of what I felt moved to paint. Being that it is Spring in Northern Michigan, and I am spending most of my free time in the garden, it felt only natural to draw some inspiration from that.

From my Mother, I inherited her love and appreciation of digging in the dirt and planting uncommon species of trees and flowers. As a little girl, I watched as she so easily knew every trick to keeping things healthy, and most importantly, I saw how happy being in the garden made her. A day covered in dirt, with black fingernails was a day well spent.

Now today, I am lucky to live in a place that affords me plenty of room to go crazy with adding new garden beds and trees each planting season. Most recently, over the last few years, my partner and I have made an effort to plant saplings with the idea that one day our grandson and granddaughter will inherit the beautiful place we call home.

Some of the trees we have planted have been to memorialize someone we love who has passed on, but most of them are unique specimens which we lovingly tend to.
Some are slow growing, and some grow rapidly. Some we will not see to their full maturity, but our loved ones will be able to enjoy them, and it is our hope that they think of us and know that we planted these living monuments for them.